Click-To-Call Capable

Choose a phone record and call the prospect right inside of your REISift account, which allows your team members to work through data more efficiently.

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The Data Marketing Software Your Real Estate Business Needs


Just like a kanban board, siftline is the easiest way to turn your leads into deals.

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Data Filters

Lost in an ocean of addresses, names, phone numbers, and not-so-dirty little secrets? REISift has the most robust and sophisticated data filtering system, specifically designed for real estate investors.

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Offer Tracking

How many deals do you miss out on due to poor data management systems? More than you think. We know because REISift members are snagging them. Track your offers, notate the seller’s response, and know exactly where each lead falls in your acquisitions process.

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Phone Statuses

You’ve got thousands of phone numbers, most of which are stumbling through the dark. REISift’s Phone Status feature will help you avoid double-calling, refine your marketing, and catch numbers that are falling through the cracks.

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