Ready to get more motivated leads, Increase ROI, and take naps?

This 14  auto lead gen challenge is designed to get you focused on income producing tasks in your business while optimizing highly successful automated lead generation campaigns, learning one core task a day to keep you accountable.


10 Day Go No Go Challenge!

Learn to narrow into your data and find who you are NOT reaching or need to be reaching NOW!

The Challenge Kicks Off Monday, June 1st @ 8AM Central (9AM EST)

What is the Data to Dollars Challenge?

What happens when you combine two of our top-performing challenges with additional ninja tactics? An even more powerful challenge experience. The Data to Dollars challenge results from that sum, combining the best parts of both challenges and filling in the gaps we noted earlier.

We will cover principles of data, ideologies of marketing to property owners, strategies of marketing execution, sales principles, operations, and so much more. At the end of this challenge, you will have a full-blown operation in place, including SOPs on how to get data, market to the data, manage leads generates, and convert those leads to revenue (dollars) in your business.

Now, this is a challenge, so buckle up and get ready to put in the work. We can only guide you; it is only you who can decide to implement these tactics, so you can close deals cheaper, faster, and more consistently.



This is pre-training week but do not be confused.. This week will be hard, and it will test you limits as an entrepreneur even if you are experienced it is VITAL to step back and look the business as it is not, look at ourselves, and set goals over the month. We will dig deep into your goals, what a real day looks like, and how we need to budget for our perfect market strategy.


Sequencial Marketing

During this week we will dive deep into what Marketing is as a whole, the ideologies behind sequential marketing and how to truly get the most our of your data, we will set up processes to track our data through marketing cycles and principles to follow as you scale or refine your operation to increase NET PROFITS. This is also the week we will glue together the strategy that fits you and your goals based on Week 1.

By the end of this week you should have a process in place to execute a solid marketing plan, tracking KPI's, and ready to work to convert those leads to Deals in Week 3


Sales/Lead Management

This week we will be diving into the core of all business -- SALES! We all know that lead follow-up is the lifeblood of a business. Its paramount that you have process in place to nurture your leads, send them to your sales reps, and manage that transaction from start to finish. By the end of this week you will have your team setup and follow-up sequences in place for lead management as well as your closers. During this week we will also cover principles of team building, and who should be hired when to properly manage leads, and keep net profits at an optimal percentage.



As we near the end of this challenge it is important to get your operations pieces together. During this week we will reflect back on the previous weeks and make sure we have everything properly documents for a smooth operation, we will set up systems to make sure our funnel is being fed and revenue is being recognized. This is one of the most important weeks because its truly why most companies fail. Spending the time to make sure all departments are in sync is paramount to a successful company.

Week 1 – Goals, Strategy and Budgets

This is pre-training week but do not be confused.. This week will be hard, and it will test you limits as an entrepreneur. We will dig deep into your goals, what a real day looks like, and how we need to budget for our perfect market strategy.

- Goals Worksheet
- Daily Breakdown
- Budget Breakdown
- Market Strategy Worksheet

Day 1 - The Peak
Day 2 - Where is Time Spent
Day 3 - Marketing is Losing Money (You will Fail)
Day 4 - Choosing your evil... Marketing Paths
Day 5 - The Tools and Building Training

Week 2 – Data and Systems

This week we will be gathering the essentials and uncovering how to properly care for the most valuable assets in your business. We will learn what it is to have a team, the tools of the trade, how data hygiene -- like taking a shower; will either bring you business... or keep people away! In addition, we will also cover actually growing a team (like posting ads for our VA's).

- SOP / Training Worksheet
- Budget Breakdown
- Data Worksheet

Day 1 - The Crew / Scripts
Day 2 - Building Blocks of Data
Day 3 - Recycling Data
Day 4 - Data Analysis
Day 5 - Creating Campaigns

Week 3/4 – Marketing and Upkeep

This is the week of actually building the water wheel of automation. We put everything together and press play! Our hard week in the previous two weeks will come to fruition as we track results of our campaigns, document them, and learn how to then automate. THIS WILL TEST YOU AS A ENTREPRENEUR.

- KPI Tracking Worksheet
- Maintenance Worksheet

Day 1 - Start Marketing
Day 2 - Lead Generation
Day 3 - Lead Generation
Day 4 - Lead Generation
Day 5 - Maintain Machine

The GO NO GO Challenge was designed to take you from ZERO to SENPAI in your focused marketing. Learn how to take your data from nothing to a PROCESS and SYSTEM in your business which WILL produce results if executed. How to narrow down and target people before marketing and the POST marketing that you are missing out on every single campaign. Learn how to plug the hole loosing you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, if not millions.

Week 1

This is first week we will focus on fundamentals of data and structuring it for success. We will then answer to ourselves who we want to deep prospects, how to automate tasks, and building processes around marketing cycles.

Day 1 - Lists, Data Management, Proper Foundation
Day 2 - Niches, Go-No-Go TEARS, Automating Insight
Day 3 - Initial Data Go-No-Go Cycle Lists, and Backend Cycle Lists
Day 4 - Structure, Deep prospecting, Process Flows
Day 5 - The Tools of the Trade

Week 2

This week is very simple, we will cover the Go-No-Go leaderboard and then we will jump into executing these Ninja Tactics so you can learn to build Deep Ninja Squads in your organization!

Day 1 - Ninja-ing: Implementation and Tracking Results
Day 2 - Ninja-ing
Day 3 - Ninja-ing
Day 4 - Ninja-ing
Day 5 - Close Out

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