We're a Results-Driven Team

Known nationally as the premier go-to service for helping Real Estate Professionals scale their sales and marketing. Intelligent, Disciplined, Stealthy - Like a Ninja.

Customer Success, then Product, then Revenue

What we do

We help real estate investors scale their sales and marketing.

How we do it

Through developing a core product enabling healthy data management, proper sales focus, and business/team accountability.


Customers achieve Healthy scale with more focus, vision, and net profits. -- Faster

Our Pledge

We guarantee you will increase net profits x10 and increase clarity on your marketing strategy x10.

Customers First, Never Last

Value over Revenue, and the revenue will always come. Always over deliver, and be organic. Communicate like humans not robots.

Innovate and Scheme

We are creators. We innovate and plot more efficient ways to enhance product durability/effectiveness/use cases -- and provide a unique advantage

Be Intentional & Relentless

At any given moment we are filled with distractions, be vigilant and focus on what is at hand and relentless to accomplish your goals.

Find Solutions not Problems

We do not see problems we see the ability to create, and overcome with technology. Before you come with a problem, present a solution.

Take Ownership & Accountability

With everything you touch it becomes yours - own it and make it something you are proud of, be present and accountable for the results.

The All Star Ninja Team building what we love

Tyler Austin



Lead Designer


Customer Support Specialist


Video Marketing Manager


Front-End Engineer


Customer Success Team Lead


Back-End Engineer


Customer Support Specialist


Webflow Specialist


Customer Support Specialist


Community manager


Head of Business Operations