9 Top Real Estate Data Software Tools To Grow Your REI Business

Looking for real estate data software? Here are the 9 best options to grow your business!

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August 21, 2023

As a real estate investor, data is absolutely critical to your business.

This is especially true if you’re looking to grow and scale your REI business. 

The more data collected, the more organized you’re going to need to be -- and staying as efficient as possible while you organize that data is how you scale.

In this guide, we’re going to introduce you to the best real estate data software to manage your business, including everything from managing your teams, launching marketing campaigns, performing financial analysis, and your day-to-day sales operations.

Each of these have been heavily vetted and used inside of our businesses, and only recommended when they’ve proven to stand up to the rigorous requirements we’ve put each of them through.

Let’s get things started with one of the most important pieces of software… your CRM.

#1 REISift

USED FOR: Data Management and Targeted Marketing

Now, we are biased on this recommendation, but based on what investors who use our software have said after switching over from other CRMs: we’ve got it figured out.

REISift was built from the ground up by investors, for investors, based on the biggest issues we had with other CRM platforms we used while trying to grow our own businesses.

It’s been built to be as simple-to-use and as intuitive as possible while making sure it’s powerful enough to scale as your business scales, your team grows, and you plug more data into it.

To get a quick peek behind the scenes & see how powerful it really is, check out the video below:

Top Features

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Filters
  • Owner Records
  • Offer Tracking
  • Instant Skip Tracing
  • USPS Vacancy Check & Absentee Filtering
  • Advanced Filtering For Targeted Marketing
  • Unlimited List Management
  • Complete CRM Functionality

REISift was developed out of necessity and what we needed in our own REI business that other platforms couldn’t deliver. To get started, click here to experience how powerful REISift is.

#2 Deal Machine

USED FOR: Real-Time Marketing Data

If you regularly go driving for dollars to find new deals (and you should!), you realize how tedious collecting and managing the data and leads you generate can be.

Deal Machine helps eliminate how tedious that can be and simplifies your data collection with a mobile app that lets you quickly identify property owners based on the address you enter.

Then, you can plug the data into your marketing campaigns, track the routes you’ve taken and mark the properties you’re interested in, and also manage your lead flow.

All with just a few clicks.

This app is one of the best ways to make your driving for dollars efforts even more efficient so you’re uncovering more deals in less time.

Top Features

  • Automated Owner Lookup 
  • Real Estate Lead Management 
  • Real Estate CRM 
  • Automatic List Builder 
  • Marketing Automation 

Deal Machine is free to try, with paid plans starting around $49 per month.

You can use it to grab your data while you’re driving around looking for opportunities, then plug that data into your CRM so you can start moving those leads through your pipeline.

It’s a must-have for active real estate investors.

#3 Smarter Contact

USED FOR: SMS Marketing Data

When you’re marketing to your leads and prospects, you want to utilize every avenue possible.

For many investors, that’s going to be cold calling and direct mail.

And while both strategies can be incredibly effective when used in the right way, there’s one strategy that many investors seem to forget exists: SMS marketing.

Which is a massive mistake, because as humans we’ve been trained to immediately look at our phone and read the message preview as soon as we get a new text message.

Think about the last time your phone buzzed and you saw the message notification. What did you do?

Probably checked out your phone to see who it was and what they wanted.

Your prospects are no different. So if you’re not using SMS marketing right now (or you want to do it more effectively), you need to use a service like Smarter Contact.

Top Features

  • Easy CRM Integrations 
  • Detailed Reporting Tools 
  • Custom Campaigns 
  • Marketing/Outreach Automation 
  • Skip Tracing 

To get started, Smarter Contact is 100% free to use for the first 7 days. Click here to try it out now.

#4 OmniDrip

USED FOR: Email Marketing Data

If writing marketing messages that convert isn’t your strongest skill set, or you’re looking for the most optimized campaigns out-of-the-box so you save even more time, Omnidrip is great for investors.

It is one of THE most effective ways to add drip marketing campaigns to your existing strategy.

Each of the messages inside the campaigns are written and designed by a former SFR wholesaler, land flipper, and mobile home flipper turned copywriter and are 100% done-for-you.

With Omnidrip, as you’re cold calling prospects you’re dialing, you can add them into an SMS followup campaign so you’re “touching” them as often as possible.

And in terms of marketing, the more “touch points” you have, the quicker you turn leads into prospects.

Top Features

  • Access To Dozens of Marketing Sequences 
  • 400+ Templates 
  • Copy-Driven Follow-Ups 
  • Customizable Features 
  • Enhanced Reporting 

The Omnidrip system combines voicemail, text, and email messaging to ensure you stay top-of-mind with your leads while making sure you’re conveying the value in working with you and putting their needs and wants at the core of every message.

If you’re looking to convert more of your leads into prospects, give Omnidrip a try.

#5 CallTools

USED FOR: Cold Calling Data

When we’re talking about “touch points” in marketing, one of the best, most effective “touch points” is simply picking up the phone and calling your leads.

Unfortunately, though, as effective as this strategy may be, many investors are either afraid to do it (likely because they’re not using a proven script) or just don’t realize how powerful it really can be.

The key to making cold calling work revolves around being as efficient as possible.

Which is where CallTools comes in.

It lets you mass dial large lists of numbers and ignore any calls that go unanswered. 

Then, when someone answers on the other end of the line, you’re able to engage with the person, let them know who you are, how you can help them, and find out if they’re interested in talking a bit more about how you can help.

This saves you a ton of time and energy, especially if you’re currently manually smiling and dialing.

Top Features

  • Enhanced List Management 
  • Live Agent Monitoring 
  • In-Depth Reporting & Analysis 
  • Call Recording 
  • Fully Customizable Control 

If you’re not already cold calling your list, you should be. And if you’re manually cold calling, you should be using a tool like CallTools to expedite the process and get in touch with more people in less time.

#6 Propstream

USED FOR: Data Collection

Whether you’re cold calling, sending direct mail, running SMS campaigns, or door knocking, the data you start with will determine how effective those campaigns are going to be.

And it goes without saying that the more targeted your data is, the more effective your campaigns will be.

With a tool like Propstream, you’re able to pull custom data and build lists that are exclusive to you so you know they aren’t being run down by dozens (or even hundreds) of other investors in your area.

You can get extremely targeted using filtering to uncover criteria like foreclosures and bankruptcies, vacancies, absentee owners, and more, so you’re able to uncover higher seller motivation levels which makes converting those leads into prospects -- and prospects into deals -- significantly easier.

Top Features

  • Comprehensive Nationwide Data 
  • Intuitive Property Search 
  • Generate Targeted Leads 
  • Build Sophisticated Lists 
  • List Filtering & Data Stacking Comp Evaluations 

If you want to ensure that the data you’re starting with is actually worth marketing to -- and won’t end up creating more frustration -- start building your own customized lists with Propstream today.

You can give the software a test run with a full-featured free trial by clicking here now.

#7 RealData

USED FOR: Property Data Analysis

When you’re working with a large number of potential opportunities, being able to quickly run comps and identify which properties are worth moving forward on can save you a TON of time.

Instead of investing your time, energy, and money marketing the wrong properties, you can use a tool like RealData to evaluate everything from rents to rehab costs and quickly make a decision around whether or not the property meets your specific requirements.

You can look at their current value, how much they’re expected to appreciate, benchmarks for historic rental averages in the area, and more.

This helps you quickly sniff out prime opportunities while making sure you aren’t putting too much effort into properties that wouldn’t make sense in your portfolio.

Top Features

  • 10-Year Cash-Flow Analysis 
  • Advanced Filtering 
  • Potential Deal-Killer Finder 
  • New Financing Options 
  • Development Analysis 

If you’re tired of manually running comps on properties to figure out whether or not the investment makes sense, or you’re looking to run comps at scale, RealData will become one of the best tools in your toolbox.

And with a one-time payment of only $159, it could be one of the best investments you ever make, too.

#8 Data Studio

USED FOR: Tracking Your Marketing Data)

The success (or failure) of your marketing campaigns revolve around two things…

Tracking & Optimization.

If you’re not tracking what you’re doing, following key metrics as you roll out new marketing campaigns, you definitely cannot optimize them.

And, essentially, what you’re doing is “spraying and praying”, hoping that something works out in your favor -- which is the absolute worst way to run a marketing campaign & will quickly drain your budgets.

With a tool like Google’s Data Studio, you get enhanced analytics and data tracking so you can measure key metrics and optimize each new campaign that you roll out, making them far more effective.

With Data Studio, you get access to informative dashboards that are easy to read and interpret, easy to share with members of your team (like your marketing team), and fully customizable to focus on the specific metrics that matter the most to your business.

Top Features

  • Data Visualizations 
  • Simple Data Integrations 
  • Enhances Marketing Reporting 
  • 600+ Data Connectors 
  • Easy to Create Reports 

If you want to succeed long-term, you need to know what’s working -- and what’s not working -- so you can continually evolve, lower your cost-per-acquisition, and (ultimately) generate a higher ROI on each deal you do.

Google’s Data Studio helps you do that.

#9 Carrot

USED FOR: Website Design (to capture data)

When you’ve dialed in your outbound marketing -- your cold calling, direct mail, and SMS campaigns -- the next step is dialing in your inbound marketing through channels like Google Search & social media.

Having a website that’s built, out of the gate, to attract more of that coveted inbound traffic is critical to ensuring you’re not letting that traffic slip through the cracks.

With Carrot’s website builder, your websites can be designed to both attract new leads and convert those motivated sellers and cash buyers.

You get access to monthly content for your blog that’s optimized to rank higher in Google search results and drive more organic traffic to your website.

Then, with conversion rate optimization in mind, you’ll get more traction when you promote your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

Top Features

  • SEO Keyword Tracking & Optimization 
  • Campaign Tracking Links 
  • Basic Lead Manager  
  • CRM + Integrations 
  • In-Depth Analytics 

In our experience, Carrot is one of the best platforms for getting your website up and running as quickly as possible, with professionally designed templates, optimized for SEO out of the box, and an extensive content vault that you can plug in to rank for more keywords in your local market.

Final Thoughts on These Real Estate Data Software Tools

The right tools can help save you a ton of time, energy, and money when it comes time to start growing and scaling your real estate investing business.

With each of the tools listed in this guide, you’ll be able to more effectively generate (and manage) the data that’s critical to the growth of your portfolio.

But it all starts with making sure you’re laying the foundation in the right way -- with the right CRM.

If you haven’t already given REISift a try, and experienced what it feels like to use a CRM built BY active investors FOR active investors, click here to start your free trial now.

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