Are You Generating Motivated Seller Leads? [Recording]

In this webinar you will learn how top investors first qualify their prospects before marketing. In order to get the hottest leads possible while still having balanced campaigns and hitting all their prospects. SMARTER.


Unlock the 4-step strategy that 6-7 figure investors use to identify motivated sellers and close more deals… cheaper, faster, and easier than ever.

Build paths of least resistance between your data and the super motivated sellers in your market.

In this webinar, you’ll learn… 

  • How to separate the 96% of junk leads from the 4% of super-motivated sellers before you even start marketing.
  • Profit from the “diamond in the rough” properties that most other investors don’t pursue.
  • Find the sellers who’re lying awake at night just waiting for an investor to call (they just don’t know it yet.)
  • Reliably predict where the value in your market is.
  • Optimize your marketing so closing a deal is TRULY as simple as picking up the phone and giving the owner a call.

Explore the 4 core steps of automated lead generation… 

  • Discovering Value
  • Understanding Motivation
  • Improving your Viability
  • Contacting the Prospect
Hosted By:
Tyler Austin
Tyler Austin is an Entrepreneur, Father, and Husband. Since he was in his early teens, he has been building websites and businesses from his computer. Not to say everyone of them was the least bit successful, but that was part of the journey. He is also a successful Real Estate Investor, growing from a 0 to a 7-figure operation in less then 2.5 years.
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Josh Newman

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