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Focus your marketing efforts. Learn our process on targeting an entire market for a fraction the marketing costs, and focusing on those ready to sell today.


Get the competitive edge in your market.

As a leading Real Estate Marketing software, we went deep into our users and analyzed their tactics, some had markets with hundreds of investors, no matter the market size the results are the same. We where searching for the tactics used to DOMINATE their competition. What we found was unbelievable.

We discovered:

  • The top users had lowest marketing costs.
  • They had the HIGHEST ROI
  • They targeted LESS records
  • They had a system in place to manage their data smarter, to reduce needing MORE data.

And much more.

Focus your marketing and kick your competitions ass.

If you are ready to take the guess work out of how to market smarts, and increase your ROI. This is the resource you need.


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The REISift Difference

Here’s why top investors and new ones use our software.

If you want to have a fully automated real estate business and find the best off market deals before anyone else, then REISift is hands down the best decision you can ever make for your business. I was able to go from 1 deal a month to six figure months overnight just by following the REISift systems and processes. You will never find a more dedicated servant to the greater good than Tyler and he will give you everything you need to succeed from day one. Couldn’t recommend REISift any stronger. Get it now!

Josh Newman

Alamaba Investor, REIsift User

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