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REISift 101 Training Webinar [Recording]

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Tyler Austin

Are You Generating Motivated Seller Leads? [Recording]

In this webinar you will learn how top investors first qualify their prospects before marketing. In order to get the hottest leads possible while still having balanced campaigns and hitting all their prospects. SMARTER.

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Hosted By:
Tyler Austin

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions, if you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

How does record limit work?

The amount of records that you can upload is a fixed amount. For example if i have a micro account which allows 50,000 records uploaded. At any given moment I can have 50K records in my account. I can delete records to add space (no recommended) or I can upgrade to a higher plan to add space. Think of it like storage on your phone or computer.

Do you offer free trial?

Yes, our free trial is 7-days and during this trial we work to get you from no data management to generating leads

Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! We are not sure why you would want to given our users and founders extreme success, but you can cancel at any time if you do decide that we are not the right fit for you. Always remember that in many cases it's the effort you put in to get the results you desire! We help make sure there are no reasons you cannot succeed in Real Estate or our platform except because of your own effort level. =D

Do you have skip tracing?

YES! We are very excited about our skip tracing because it is designed to be the ONLY skip tracing to help SAVE you as much money as possible. Why? Because our Founder also uses the platform and he doesn't wanna spend money on skip tracing either! You can check out our pricing page for rates, but just know. Our rates are low and our platforms advanced skip tracing tracker and skip trace algorithm are focused on making sure you utilize numbers across the platform where they can be share (example: one owner owns 50 properties -- we charge you once) and to NEVER skip the same records by allowing you to track what records have results, even if you skip trace off our platform =D

Do you have good customer service?

Not above product but almost so, our customer service is what we strive to have above all else. It is our goal and desire to be the best content and customer service driven real estate platform. We have some big foot steps to follow on products such as We focus on having webinars, and weekly masterminds, education based video training, and so much more. It is our priority to make sure you are not lost in product and have a full understanding how to run effective marketing campaigns and succeed in real estate.

How accurate is vacancy check

We are confident in saying that we have the most up to date USPS vacancy check and update in the market. We not only check both mailing and property address for vacancy on UPLOAD (never buy another vacancy list again just buy more high equity!) but we also check your account all over every month AND anytime a record is edited and saved we RE-CHECK your data for being accurate to USPS, and vacancy. As well as run it through our data cleanse algorithm


When you get data from your county or other list providers (even high equity) it comes with a mixture of complete and incomplete data. The problem is that most investor do not clean data before they market or skip trace, which decreases ROI due to return mail, bad skip tracing returns etc. REISift does all the heavy listing and SEPARATE trust, companies and incomplete data, as well as COMPLETES all possible addresses and make them USPS complaint for direct mail, and high skip trace results. We then teach a system on how to manage your data and "milk" that incomplete, company, and trust data. This makes sure you focus more on the valuable data you spend hard earned money on, increase ROI, and generate leads that want your help.

I am new to real estate, is this for me?

OF COURSE!! When you get started, you do not ant bad habits, and in many cases you do not have a budget to be spending on bad results from marketing. here at REISift we focus on helping you generate profitable smart marketing campaigns so that you can be successful, its up to you what happens after that :P

What if I already skip traced a bunch of data?

NO PROBLEM! REISift will actually allow you to import that data, and we will run it through our Advanced Skip Trace Tracker so that YOU can know where that data was skip traced, and if you got results, so when you skip trace data again, you can NOT include that data, AND if you want to skip trace that data in another location, you can filter by it and export or even skip trace in REISift. This is IMPORTANT to now where your data has been but NEVER EVER throw it away!

Is REISift JUST a "List Stacker"?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! REISift is a tool for saving you time and money. It allows you to have understanding of your data through data cleansing and data management. List Stacking is an awesome by-product of data management. It allows you to remove those duplicates across lists and save money on skip tracing, direct mail, and ironically enough those records could have a higher motivation to sell. But REISift is a system to market SMARTER to ALL your data. Understand where your data has been, so you know where it should go next.

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